After a recent concert given by Kelvin Grout,  the critic was observed rushing out of the hall in tears, refusing to speak with anyone and later writing  ‘ incredible experience, you simply don’t hear anyone play the piano like this anymore!’  The press have also described him as ‘the keyboard wizard‘ and another critic gave him the title, ‘Dr Touché‘.

The English pianist Kelvin Grout is best known for his work as a vocal accompanist, working with many of the world’s foremost singers. Celebrating fifty-seven years behind the keyboard, Kelvin, in addition to his accompanying work, is now enjoying life as a soloist, lecturer, teacher and film producer. His masterclasses are in great demand and he is the Director of The Lieder Academy, an international institute, based in the Netherlands.

NEXT MASTERCLASS – 6th – 11th July 2015 in TERRASSA/BARCELONA (Contact for details)

Exploring sound and an ‘alternative’ approach to the performance of the classical piano, Kelvin is to start filming in 2015, a documentary under the title ‘My Notes on Notes’ in which he and various colleagues offer an insight to a less stressful, less physical approach to performing on the piano. ‘Over many, many years I have made many notes and observations about performing music and the piano, in this film and book we hope to bring it all together, to suggest that maybe there is another path which could be considered when performing classical music.’

This film is a small part of a project which will also include, workshops, lectures and masterclasses.

“I recently met Kelvin Grout in Germany and discovered that to sing with him is like a gift from heaven. As a singer all you need to do is to listen, lean back, open your mouth and dare. Kelvin guides you into the right atmosphere of the song, will tell you the whole story just by playing the piano. Through this he opens up a new world and leads you to the limits of the possible – emotionally, musically and technically. His pianissimis are breathtaking. Caressed by the sound of the piano the singer floats on the music. Voice and piano become one, while the audience is invited to witness, to participate.”    Mariella Baier – soprano