After a recent concert given by Kelvin Grout,  the critic was observed rushing out of the hall in tears, refusing to speak with anyone and later writing  ‘ incredible experience, you simply don’t hear anyone play the piano like this anymore!’  The press have also described him as ‘the keyboard wizard‘ and another critic gave him the title, ‘Dr Touché‘.

The English pianist Kelvin Grout is best known for his work as a vocal accompanist, working with many of the world’s foremost singers. Celebrating fifty-seven years behind the keyboard, Kelvin, in addition to his accompanying work, is now enjoying life as a soloist, lecturer, teacher and film producer. His masterclasses are in great demand and he is the Artistic Director of the newly formed Lieder Academy, an International institute, based in the Netherlands.

With a view to offering an ‘alternative’ approach to the performance of classical music, Kelvin is to start filming in December 2014, a documentary under the title ‘Still Here – Still, Here’ in which he and various colleagues offer an insight to a less stressful, less aggressive form of music making.